We offer Sadaqa Boxes which can be used at homes, shops, businesses and centres, with the money collected in them distributed exclusively to orphaned children.

As general guardian over the orphaned children and needy, Al-Sayyed Al-Sistani has considered the act of putting money in Al-Ayn’s Sadaqa Boxes to be a transfer of ownership to him. Hence money placed in these boxes is considered Sadaqa Maqbootha (Received Sadaqa), and the reward of Sadaqa is reaped immediately. We have checks and controls in place to ensure that money placed in these boxes reach orphaned children in need.

In addition to Sadaqa, other types of money can be placed in these boxes, such as Zakat Al-Fitrah, Rad Al-Mathalem, and Majhool Al-Malik.

Please fill in the form on this page to request a box, and we will contact you to arrange delivery or pick-up (UK only).

We request that you return your Sadaqa Box within four months of receiving it, and that, where possible, you return it to our office. If you are unable to return the box to our office, please contact us and we will arrange an alternative.

Please note that you should not open the Sadaqa Box yourself, unless you have obtained explicit permission from us due to extenuating circumstances.

Sadaqa Box Request Form